How to Prepare for State Civil Service Examination

While the pattern, syllabus and the subjects of the state civil service examination and the civil exams conducted by UPSC (United Public Service Commission) are almost similar, the candidates are suggested to appear for both the exams simultaneously. It demands only minor changes while preparing for both. Additionally, the date of examination hardly clashes.

Role of Academies in Preparation

There are numerous institutions providing coaching to the interested candidates. They actually play a great role in guiding the candidates. They teach several tips to crack the exam. So, it is advisable to choose the academy wisely. Since the syllabus of the exam is vast the experienced staff can help in organizing it.

Importance of Self Study

Studying in the coaching centers is not enough. There is a great role of self-study in the preparation. While coaching centers have fixed standards for all the candidates, no special attention is paid to the particular aspirants. Therefore, self-study has the benefit of distributing your time between various subjects as per your level of preparation of subjects.

Choice of Books for Preparation

Choosing the books for optional as well as compulsory subjects is of utmost importance. A mistake in the choice can be a mere wastage of time. Therefore, it is suggested to seek the advice of the previous year successful candidates to make a choice. Candidates should not miss checking that the chosen book covers the prescribed syllabus.

Improve writing skills

Improving your writing skills can contribute a lot in cracking civil service examination.

Writing skills include:

• Clarity of the concept you are writing on.
• Enhancing writing speed.
• Art of presenting answers.
• Connecting the available knowledge with the questions asked.
• Writing precise and concise answers.
• Understand the need for the question.

Practice Previous Year Question Papers

While preparing for civil exams, it is important to not to miss solving previous year question papers. Practicing those papers give you an idea of the pattern of examination. Moreover, one learns to manage the time and also learn the art of presenting the answers for the final examination.

Special Areas of Attention

A few areas demand special attention while preparing for the examination like the compulsory exams specifically general studies and English. There’s a need to prepare the “state specific” questions thoroughly because normally there is no ready-made material available for it. Thus, it demands extra efforts to collect the information and compile it for general studies part.

Additional Values Required to Crack Civil Service Examination

• Positive attitude.
• Hard work and dedication.
• Patience
• Self-confidence
• Time Management skills
• Presentation skills

However, there is no alternative to hard work a perfect guide to prepare for civil examinations may bring your name in the final merit list.

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